Solving Real Human Problems Through Business

Our mission is to raise the bar of entrepreneurship, globally.

Despite the hype around tech startups, the rate of new business creation has dropped by more than 40% since the 1970’s. And the survival rate of invested-in companies over a two-year period has dropped to less than 10%.

Entrepreneurs are exposed daily to non-specific, anecdotal advice that “guarantees” success, but instead confuses or negatively biases outcomes.

The result?

As the perceived popularity of entrepreneurship increases, we see a relative decrease in the rate of entrepreneur success. We’re here to change that.

A Short History

Though officially 5 years old, the service offered by Growth Mechanics has been ten years in the making.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Emil Lamprecht and Melissa Kramer; a collective obsession with what we call ‘the entrepreneur journey’ has been our focus through a decade of company, product, and program development.

We’ve studied 1000s of entrepreneurs and 100s of programs, and tested uncountable business tools, theories and methodologies.

We focus on mitigating entrepreneur risk; not by analysis of ‘what’ has taken place; but by structuring conversations that help entrepreneurs investigate the ‘why’.

Because We’ve Seen What Works,
And Seen What Doesn’t

As part of it’s mission, we’ve built our own portfolio of successful companies under the Growth Mechanics umbrella, adding our own continued experience to construction of entrepreneur programs around the world.

We are a decidedly entrepreneur driven organisation, focused on raising the bar of entrepreneurship globally.

For us business is a form of science, and we attribute our own success, along with the success of teams, to that mentality.

Our Founders

 Emil Lamprecht, CEO of Growth Mechanics Melissa Kramer, COO of Growth Mechanics

Emil Lamprecht

CEO, Head Of Programs

Serial entrepreneur with a track record of solving complex growth issues for companies at all stages. Advisor to Google’s entrepreneur programs, mentor to 100+ startups a year, and behavioural science researcher.


Melissa Kramer

COO, Head Of Portfolio

Serial entrepreneur with a track record in developing people-friendly and socially-impactful systems that scale. Sustainable fashion pioneer, prolific writer, and female health advocate, Melissa’s diverse experience is bar none.

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