We Specialise In Entrepreneurship Development

Our mission is to raise the bar of entrepreneurship training.

Every day, entrepreneurs are exposed to anecdotal advice and guarantees of success that can confuse or negatively bias their actions. The result? As the popularity of entrepreneurship increases, we see a relative decrease in the rate of entrepreneurship success. And we want to change that.

A Short History

Though only 3 years young as a company, the service offered by Growth Mechanics has been ten years in the making.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Emil Lamprecht and Melissa Kramer; a collective obsession with what we call ‘the entrepreneur journey’ has been the focus through a decade of company, product, and program development.

We’ve studied 100s of entrepreneurs and 10s of programs, and tested 1000s of entrepreneur tools, theories and methodologies.

We focus on mitigating entrepreneur risk; not by analysis of ‘what’ has taken place; but by working to understand the ‘why’.

We Practice What We Preach

The truth is, a lot of entrepreneurship training is designed by people who have not built companies of their own.

While theory can get you a long way, we believe that to capture the true nature of entrepreneurship, you must practice what you preach.

That’s why Growth Mechanics doesn’t just offer an accelerator service, but has a small portfolio of its own startups and products; all of which use our ever growing methodology and tool kit.

Want To Get Involved?

We love to collaborate!

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