Freelance Junior Designer | Part-Time

Location: Remote (Must be in European/African Timezones)

We're a multi-brand studio on the lookout for a Freelance Junior-Mid Designer who's eager to flex their design muscles. If you're early in your career, hungry to learn and experiment, and ready to show what you're capable of, we want you.

What's in it for you?

  • Consistent Part-Time Work: You'll start with a 1-month trial, working 8-20 hours a week. If it works out we’ll lock in 1-2 days of work a week for the next 9-11 months
  • Diverse Experience: One day you might be building a brand from the ground up; the next, you're designing assets for an established identity, or designing a web app. You’ll be able to add 5-10 new brands/projects to your portfolio in a few months work
  • A Focus on Women's Health: Some of our brands are making waves in women's health. A good grasp of female anatomy is important
  • Accessibility is everything: The world is changing, and design that is inclusive and meets incoming rules and regulations for accessibility is central to everything we do
  • Growth Opportunity: This is your chance to stretch your creative legs across a wide spectrum of design styles and challenges; this is for a designer who likes to do lots of different design

We Need Someone Who:

  • Has a Solid Foundation: You've got some projects under your belt that showcase your range—branding, illustration, maybe even a bit of web design.
  • Can Juggle: You'll manage a variety of tasks without dropping the ball, and you'll do it for several brands (though at any time you’ll only work directly with 2-3 people)
  • Communicates Clearly: You can talk about your work, make decisions, and keep everyone in the loop without breaking a sweat.
  • Is Tech-Savvy: You're very comfortable in Figma, Canva, and Photoshop. 
  • Bonus points if you’re keen on building sometimes building your designs into no-code tools or know a thing or two about CSS.

How to Apply:

Shoot us your Linkedin profile, your design portfolio and a short note about why this role is right for you. Include an example of a project you loved working on and tell us why it mattered to you. 

Mention what time zone you’re in, and your English level, and what you would want to get out of the job (apart from just getting paid of course).

If you have standard rates that apply to this context, please make sure to tell us!

Send Applications To:

Some helpful questions to answer:

  • Can you start immediately?

  • Are you comfortable working with sensitive and often graphic subjects of anatomy as it applies to health and intimacy?

Let's Get Started:

If you're ready to take on a year of intense learning, creating, and growing with us, reach out. We're excited to see what you've got and even more excited to help you take it to the next level.

P.S. If you want to make your application shine, use the word pineapple in your cover letter so we know you read the whole thing. 😉

More Information

Who Are You Working For

You will be contracted by Growth Mechanics Ltd., a UK based company that operates, 15 brands, some with fully dedicated teams.

Designers we develop a strong relationship with have the potential to obtain a range of design work for companies and websites within our portfolio.

Concerning AI

Please bear in mind that our team has worked with AI models since 2018, and we are very well versed in AI content. 

We have no issue with writers using AI as an assistant, but we require all final works to be human produced.